Reviews of R.G.K. Modern Indian Dance Academy 2010 most recent school showcase "Chingari"(Fire,Insperation) A benefit show for CRY (Children Rights and You)

CHINGARI was conceptualized, prodcuced & choreographed by Renu Kumar, scripted by Rajshree Puri & Rashmi Bhatt and directed by Kristin Freya.

This musical dance play is about the young boy Amar who has an immense burning desire to become Rocket Scientist. Amar lives in the period when Russia had just launched Sputnik, and it was orbiting across the sky bringing belief and enthusiasm, and it was orbiting across the sky bringing belief and enthusiam to the young generation in the field of Rocket Science. Amar's father is a coal minor in the small town of Hukamville. His father believes in passing on the coal minning tradition in his family to future generations, so he wants his son to become a coal miner instead of Rocket Scientist. The boy struggles and perseveres to fulfill his desire of becoming a Rocket Sceintist despite a lack of support from his family. This play is inspired by the book Rocket Boys writen by Homer Handly Hickam, Jr.



Another Fantastic show on RGK’s 7th Anniversary!!! Year after Year you manage to come up with unique shows with a great message!
Proud to be a part of the “Team RGK”…..

You did it again ! Yey....You must be feeling very relaxed now, after the show is over. You should be, as you really worked hard. The show was wonderful, as always.  New theme, new message, new dances, and new faces...we enjoyed everything. Everything was perfect. We enjoyed the performance. The skit was good. Everyone did an awesome job in play as well as in dances. Your all 3 dances were beautiful, but I liked the RANJHNA one the best.
Costumes were creative and the grand finally was very good - on one song all participants danced and gathered at the end - awesome!

Congratulations on a very successful show! All the items showcased the tremendous talent and dedication. Everything was arranged beautifully in the overall theme. Everyone we talked to enjoyed the show and said that the presentation has been improving steadily over the last few years.

You worked very hard to train all the participants to a yet higher level of performance. You also introduced two new ideas this time - the live inspirational song-dance and the finale. We especially enjoyed the finale and the way the show transitioned - it gave the whole show a feel of a "musical". But beware of raising the bar!

Yes, the show was amazing. I thoroughly enjoyed. After so many years I
got to sit and watch the whole show..I loved it.

Just wanted to reach out and give you feedback for the Chingari Dance performance.  The arrangement, dance presentation...everything turned out wonderful. My parents really enjoyed and also commented and complimented everything as well as the costumes/dresses as well as the food arrangement.

Thanks for all your hard work as well. Divya really enjoyed being a part of the annual event. Thanks for promoting self confidence in these young kids and giving them an experience of our culture.

Congratulations for a successful show

Thanks for all your hard work as well. Divya really enjoyed being a part of the annual event. Thanks for promoting self confidence in these young kids and giving them an experience of our culture.

Chingari was the best show ever.



Reviews of R.G.K. Modern Indian Dance Academy 2009 most recent school showcase "Chandani"(Light) A benefit show for Unite for Sight


Another fantastic show you pulled off last night!!! Congratulations!! All the dances were beautifully choreographed and the costumes as usual vibrant and colorful. Just one word can describe the RGK event: WOW! YOU HAVE DONE IT AGAIN!

Lata and I would like to congratulate and THANK YOU for organizing such a wonderful, outstanding and superb show this year. The program was well rehearsed and the performance of each and every participant was exceptional. We both really liked on time start, almost full house, selection of songs, elegant costumes and smooth flow of events with a great commitment by the participants and their confidence. It was fun to be a volunteer for the show.
Hope to see even a better program next year.

You did put your heart in it, as did Kristin. Your dances were rhythmic, your son really stole the show. The Bhangra number got the audience in a trans. I enjoyed the whole process.

It was a great show and I, Sasi & Manu thoroughly enjoyed it. Manu was dancing even when we got home and I am sure when he gets big he'll join the classes. All the performances were very well co ordinated and the beautiful costumes made the difference. I am eager to watch the video and our group pictures.

show was great yet again and I loved the grand finale as well as bhangra and your solo. boys looked good in Jai ho and little girls are always adorable. I was happy to help out with silent auction and the ticket sale.

Excellent show on Sunday, my parents really enjoyed the show and dinner.

Very - very nice program, we really liked it, nicely organized, All the participants performed so good Hats of to you

I heard a lot of positive response from people. As I was serving food, I was also asking as how they liked the show and they all told me that it was very enjoyable. Some of the dances were VERY GOOD. of course all the outfits looked so colorful on stage.

Great job, Renu! I know my family always enjoys your shows. As always, really nice to incorporate a story w/ the dances.

My friends and family simply loved the show. It was so well organized. All were praising about the show and all the dances in them. One of my friends and sister-in-law are planning on starting dance session for their kids from you next year. This does very well explain that how thoroughly they enjoyed the show!! It was simply superb. Renu, YOU ROCK!!

Congratulations to you as well!
Honest- hard work does pay off. We saw that in our commitment and dedication towards the same goal, which was to make Chandani a success. My heartiest congratulations to all of you!

We thourghly enjoyed the show. This is the first time we came for your Bollywood style dancing show and we loved it. I cannot waite for the whole year to see it again

You have raised the bar one more step higher this year again. Fantastic and very good show.


Reviews of R.G.K. Modern Indian Dance Academy 2008 school showcase "Chaabhi Ka Guccha"(Keys for Global PEACE) A musical dance drama


Congratulations! Another successful show from RGK! I am so proud of you and your leadership! I am grateful and I take pride in working with you. Know that you contribute so much to the students and to the community.

Congratulations on the 5 year Anniversary of the RGK Dance and Fitness Studio and for another successful show. It was very entertaining - a good mix of the old and the new. Looked like the kids had a lot of fun performing on stage especially the young ones. The outfits were as usual well designed and was a treat to the eyes watching such vibrant colors. The choreography of the dances were also excellent.

It was so nice to see your show and you always put your heart and soul in to it. And you have enrolled so many others in your passion and art-

-Very well presented! The script writers did a good job and so did the actors and dancers, of course, all with your leadership. And with all the other responsibilities, you even danced in two dances -- fantastic! The costumes were lovely. -Nuzi

The show was great; we enjoyed the show very much. You were right the Barso Re dance costume was gorgeous, and the dance was also very well choreographed. Other dances were very good too. Some people were asking me how many days it took to prepare the play, and I said besides the script it took probably 5-6 days. They were very surprised. I think people liked the play too. And at the end the finale brought another light of peace to the show.

It was obvious by their smiling faces that the dancers were enjoying themselves. Their costumes were perfuse and beautiful. Great Job!

thank you so much for all your hard work and a wonderful production. From all the feedback we heard, it was a great show!. i just loved it and enjoyed myself thoroughly!

Every year you have a great show, but this year was even better. Me and my friends loved it. I would say this year was the BEST Show. The theame, messeage for peace, dances, costumes, play every thing was superb. Thank you for helping the commnunity with your art.

We enjoyed the show. We appreciate all your efforts and wish you success in future


Reviews of R.G.K. Modern Indian Dance Academy 2007 most recent school showcase program "Chowraha" A benefit show for Durga Temple for Hindu Mandir of Minnesota


Congratulations on another successful Show ! The program was excellent especially the Fire dance with Arabian music and the classical Indian /Spanish combination dance with Latin music. The assortment of Bollywood songs and variety music made it very unique and enjoyable!!

"Renu is very creative, talented and hardworking. We are very fortunate to have people like her in our community"

"The show was truly amazing and the dances were wonderful, it was truly a great success"

Chowraha was a memorable evening!! All the dancers performed very well, their costumes were looking very nice, the highlight of the show was little girls performing at Kajra re dance!! Thank you Renu ji for all your hard work!! Three cheers for big success !!

The show went smoothly and she had lot of fun.

You did a great job, as usual. Every thing worked out and the kids did a great job.

Congratulations on a great show well done! We all admire your effort and patience, specially with boys. Boys gave a good performance.

Congratulations on a great show again!

AWESOME show Renu!!!

The Best Show ever I have seen. I do not know how you do it. Very artistic, and well choreographed.

We enjoyed it very much. Your hard work paid off.

We really enjoyed the entire show. You did a marvelous job with the kids.

Thanks for all your hard work Renu, the show came out really well!!

Each dance has a unique chorography and costumes. We love it.

India Post Newspaper, Voices of Indian World Wide: Some highlights of the Chowraha were: kiss of love, yeh duniya, bidi jailey, applaam chaapalaam along with a spectacular fashion show. The beautiful evening was concluded with a great dinner which was being served in the lobby of the venue.


Reviews of R.G.K. Modern Indian Dance Academy 2006 most recent school's showcase program "Celebration Of Life" October 7, 2006. A benefit show for Children's Hospital for Cancer Research


Congratulations ! A wonderful show again this Year! Every item was very well choreographed and the outfits vibrant and stunning. The play was excellent. Dipankar and you portrayed the ups and downs of Life very beautifully - it surpassed all expectations. The message came across very loud and clear that with the support of your family, community and friends we can overcome any challenge in life. Looking forward to being a part of your show next year !!!

AWESOME show Renu!!!

The Best Show ever I have seen. I do not know how you do it. Very artistic, well meaning and well choreographed.

Great show! The dances are beautiful and the story well written and acted out.

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!! We did it again! you truly have taken your school to a different level. All the dances, costumes, sequencing, stage design ALL were top quality!

We enjoyed it very much. Your hard work paid off.

We really enjoyed the entire show. You did a marvelous job with the kids.

Thanks for all your hard work Renu, the show came out really well!!

Thank you for your faith on these little kids, I know it needs a lot of patience esp. with the young girls, but I was amazed to see how beautifully you handled them. Suhana is hooked to 'nache mor' :) she keeps singing and dancing on it at home. I can't wait to start again

I want to tell you that I had an incredibly fun time dancing that night. There was just such a feeling of camaraderie that night - I think we were all so up and I thought we danced together very well. In the pictures you can see everyone smiling and looking so happy. Again, you have pulled off a great show and a wonderful night. I don't know how you do it!

Thank you for the wonderful learning experience for Gurnoor during the dance classes and the awesome stage show.It went off sooooooo well and everyone enjoyed it so much. Thank u for all the time and effort you put into it.

You and the girls and the girls' moms have been so good for Jyoti's Indian pride and self esteem.

Each dance has a unique chorography and costumes. We love it.

I really liked ghomoor, helha ray, where is the party tonight, dil na diya, holi. I liked all dances.

I was so used to meeting everyone but when the performance happen then I got sad because I realized I would not be meeting everyone everyday now. But I thought this was the best out of all the perfomances.

Celebration of Life show was very Fun. The play was very sad but the end was happy over all I think the show was very well done.

Show was great. The play was emotional, but it's life. Everyone did great and had lots of Fun. Goomer is the Best. I loved it.

The show was amazing! We all did a great job. I had a lot of Fun. I am looking forward a continuing RGK Dance & Fitness Studio.


Reviews of R.G.K. Modern Indian Dance Academy 2005 school's showcase program "CHANDRIKA" A benefit show for Vibha


What a wonderful show you put on! My Parents are still talking about it. It just went so well, and my kids LOVED being a part of it (and so did I!). Thank you for all your effort in providing this awesome opportunity for them to learn to dance and feel special in showing off their talents. Congratulations to you on the huge success of Chandrika!

Congratulations!!!! You and everybody else who organized the event did a fantastic job to make the "CHANDRIKA" event very successful. All of the participants did a terrific job and it was awesome to watch everybody on the stage performing so well.

Amazing show last night! All your hard word, dedication and Perseverance with the kids paid off big time on the stage. Every item on the show was Spectacular. Congratulations to you and Dipankar on the joint collaboration.

Wish you a very hearty congrats on the big success of CHANDRIKA and second anniversary of R.G.K dance and fitness studio. It was a great event and everybody had lots of fun and enjoyment.

I really did enjoy the show and our dance. I don't know how you manage to put the shows together like you do. It is amazing to me! I can't wait to see the tape of the whole thing. I loved your dance, Akash's acting, our dance, Vipasha's dance...I can't wait to see the whole result.

I would like extend thanks from us, for all the effort that went into making the Chandrika show a success. It was well paced and left us wanting for more, at the end.

"Your show was great and we are very proud of you all. It is lots of work to put something like this together. True dedication. Thanks to you. "

Thanks for organizing the wonderful musical dance and drama show: "Chandrika". Congratulations again on this successful event. We all enjoyed the show.


Reviews of R.G.K. Modern Indian Dance Academy 2004 showcase program "CHITRAHAR". A benefit show for Hindu Soceity of Minnesota


"Thank you for getting this spectacular program together! You are truly pretty amazing and awesome! Thanks you all for all the hard work that went into it. It was great!"

"The most organized and very good show I have even seen."

"It was the best and fun Indian show I have ever seen."

"Hearty congratulations to you for the wonderful Program last night Teens group Performance was beautiful - very well choreographed and elegant. The girls looked gorgeous. The end result was breathtaking. Well, all I can say at this time is THE BEAT GOES ON....."

"The program indeed went off beautifully.
All the hard work and vision for the program, choreography,
costumes, the silent auction, the video photographer, the drummers...., everything came together so well."

"Once again your vision, expert choreography, and hard work with the girls was evident in the performances. They looked gorgeous."

"Congratulations on the grand success of the Chitrahaar program. It was a beautiful program. I really appreciate your effort, vision and dedication."

"Hearty Congratulations to the entire Chitrahaar Crew!!!!! The program was a big hit. The tremendous efforts and hard work showed in every aspect of the program. After seeing the whole program, I can appreciate Renu's efforts even more. Thanks for all the hard work in choreographing all three dances, designing costumes and training the girls. Our girls looked simply gorgeous. They rocked the house! What more can we say about the girls. They seem to a great time together.
While the whole program was a feast, I think that the 'Nain' presentation was the WOW factor of the evening (just my personal bias!)."

"Your show was great and we are very proud of you all. It is lots of work to put something like this together. True dedication. Thanks to you."

"Congratulations to you on RGK's BIG successful event - Chitrahaar!! Thanks for arranging and planning this beautiful fund raising event. It was indeed a successful, memorable event. We are glad, we could help, where ever was possible. Boys were looking so cute in that costume. Thanks again for everything! "

"I just want to emphasize that it was a great show. I heard many compliments for the boys dance and of course the credit goes to you completely. Great job and keep it up. "

"I need to thank you for putting on a great show Sat at St. Paul center. It was fun and colorful. Hope you met the financial target. I also want to thank you for including my wife in one of the dances. She has enjoyed it very much. Made her happy to hang out with everybody and it showed at home. My kids and me appreciate the fact that we got to see her on stage.
Again, thank you for the show."

"Show was really wonderful. Boys looked really handsome in the Elvis's costume. We saw the Vedio, Akhil and Boys really had fun doing the dance. And that is what it is all about. You did a really great job in organizing it, while forgetting about all the aches and pains. That was very courageous. We really admire that. Keep it up."

"I would like to join-in too, in congratulating you Renu! It came together so well on the actual performance day... of course the credit goes to you. I think the Elvis - look also added to the whole was a good choice for the costume. Thanks again for all your effort and hard work and also the boys'."

"Congratulations on the success of the great program.I think everyone has used up all the words and there is nothing left for me and I do agree with everyone. Thanks for the hard work and I want to thanks to all the girls for their hard work and dedication. Thanks"


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