Reviews of Modern Indian Dance Academy R.G.K. Dance & Fitness Studio's 2004 showcase program "CHITRAHAR" (a garland of dance pictures). A benefit show for Hindu Soceity of Minnesota


Welcome to Chitrahar, RGK Dance Studio's gala evening of dance and entertainment. Today, we are celebrating new beginnings. The new beginnings of our dance studio, where our commnunity members of all age groups come together to participate in fun and exciting dances from our rich Indian heritage and culture. And of course, we also wish to celebrate the beginnings of our new Hindu Temple. A new place for all Hindus in Minnesota to come together to celebrate our religion and culture.

Chitrahar show was conceptualized, prodcuced & choreographed by Renu Kumar, scripted by Dr. Ambika Mathur.

"Thank you for getting this spectacular program together! You are truly pretty amazing and awesome! Thanks you all for all the hard work that went into it. It was great!"

"The most organized and very good show I have even seen."

"It was the best and fun Indian show I have ever seen."

"Hearty congratulations to you for the wonderful Program last night Teens group Performance was beautiful - very well choreographed and elegant. The girls looked gorgeous. The end result was breathtaking. Well, all I can say at this time is THE BEAT GOES ON....."

"The program indeed went off beautifully.
All the hard work and vision for the program, choreography,
costumes, the silent auction, the video photographer, the drummers...., everything came together so well."

"Once again your vision, expert choreography, and hard work with the girls was evident in the performances. They looked gorgeous."

"Congratulations on the grand success of the Chitrahaar program. It was a beautiful program. I really appreciate your effort, vision and dedication."

"Hearty Congratulations to the entire Chitrahaar Crew!!!!! The program was a big hit. The tremendous efforts and hard work showed in every aspect of the program. After seeing the whole program, I can appreciate Renu's efforts even more. Thanks for all the hard work in choreographing all three dances, designing costumes and training the girls. Our girls looked simply gorgeous. They rocked the house! What more can we say about the girls. They seem to a great time together.
While the whole program was a feast, I think that the 'Nain' presentation was the WOW factor of the evening (just my personal bias!)."

"Your show was great and we are very proud of you all. It is lots of work to put something like this together. True dedication. Thanks to you."

"Congratulations to you on RGK's BIG successful event - Chitrahaar!! Thanks for arranging and planning this beautiful fund raising event. It was indeed a successful, memorable event. We are glad, we could help, where ever was possible. Boys were looking so cute in that costume. Thanks again for everything! "

"I just want to emphasize that it was a great show. I heard many compliments for the boys dance and of course the credit goes to you completely. Great job and keep it up. "

"I need to thank you for putting on a great show Sat at St. Paul center. It was fun and colorful. Hope you met the financial target. I also want to thank you for including my wife in one of the dances. She has enjoyed it very much. Made her happy to hang out with everybody and it showed at home. My kids and me appreciate the fact that we got to see her on stage.
Again, thank you for the show."

"Show was really wonderful. Boys looked really handsome in the Elvis's costume. We saw the Vedio, Akhil and Boys really had fun doing the dance. And that is what it is all about. You did a really great job in organizing it, while forgetting about all the aches and pains. That was very courageous. We really admire that. Keep it up."

"I would like to join-in too, in congratulating you Renu! It came together so well on the actual performance day... of course the credit goes to you. I think the Elvis - look also added to the whole was a good choice for the costume. Thanks again for all your effort and hard work and also the boys'."

"Congratulations on the success of the great program.I think everyone has used up all the words and there is nothing left for me and I do agree with everyone. Thanks for the hard work and I want to thanks to all the girls for their hard work and dedication. Thanks"



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