Modern Indian Dance Academy R.G.K Dance & Fitness Studio's 2009 most recent school showcase "Chandani"(Light) A musical dance drama. A benefit show for Unite for Sight

Chandani (Light), Modern Indian Dance Academy of R.G.K Dance & Fitness Celebrated their Sixth Anniversary & coming Diwali, with the musical dance drama "Chandani" (Light). Amidst Bollywood style choreographed dances, colorful costumes and vibrant music, CHANDANI addresses the universal issue of human and animal blindness. Love and care floats in this memorable evening of Musical Dance Drama- CHANDANI."
Curable and non-curable blindness is the theame of tonight's musical dance drama. In Arjun and Geeta's family of Mayuri, Chandani, and their pet dog Chotu, we see the foundation of poverty, hard work, and Chandani blindness. Chandani treats blindness as her alterd lifestyle where other senses of hearing , touch, and smell have taken command in making her life normal and easy. Raja, a young man admires Chandani. His love for her seeks new dimension when he helps cure Chandani's blindness through eye surgery at a free eye clinic. Chotu, meanwhile, loses his eyesight when the retina in both his eyes detach from the optic nerve and leave him completely blind. His sense of smell and hearing makes up for th lost vision. Hope and genuine efforts succeed, when love conquers all!
CHANDANI was conceptualized, prodcuced & choreographed by Renu Kumar & Vipasha Kumar, scripted by Rajshree Puri & Rashmi Bhatt and directed by Kristin Freya.

Reviews of Modern Indian Dance Academy R.G.K Dance & Fitness Studio's 2009 most recent school showcase "Chandani"(Light) A musical dance drama


Another fantastic show you pulled off last night!!! Congratulations!! All the dances were beautifully choreographed and the costumes as usual vibrant and colorful. Just one word can describe the RGK event: WOW! YOU HAVE DONE IT AGAIN!

Lata and I would like to congratulate and THANK YOU for organizing such a wonderful, outstanding and superb show this year. The program was well rehearsed and the performance of each and every participant was exceptional. We both really liked on time start, almost full house, selection of songs, elegant costumes and smooth flow of events with a great commitment by the participants and their confidence. It was fun to be a volunteer for the show.
Hope to see even a better program next year.

You did put your heart in it, as did Kristin. Your dances were rhythmic, your son really stole the show. The Bhangra number got the audience in a trans. I enjoyed the whole process.

It was a great show and I, Sasi & Manu thoroughly enjoyed it. Manu was dancing even when we got home and I am sure when he gets big he'll join the classes. All the performances were very well co ordinated and the beautiful costumes made the difference. I am eager to watch the video and our group pictures.

show was great yet again and I loved the grand finale as well as bhangra and your solo. boys looked good in Jai ho and little girls are always adorable. I was happy to help out with silent auction and the ticket sale.

Excellent show on Sunday, my parents really enjoyed the show and dinner.

Very - very nice program, we really liked it, nicely organized, All the participants performed so good Hats of to you

I heard a lot of positive response from people. As I was serving food, I was also asking as how they liked the show and they all told me that it was very enjoyable. Some of the dances were VERY GOOD. of course all the outfits looked so colorful on stage.

Great job, Renu! I know my family always enjoys your shows. As always, really nice to incorporate a story w/ the dances.

Congratulations to you as well!
Honest- hard work does pay off. We saw that in our commitment and dedication towards the same goal, which was to make Chandani a success. My heartiest congratulations to all of you!

We thourghly enjoyed the show. This is the first time we came for your Bollywood style dancing show and we loved it. I cannot waite for the whole year to see it again

You have raised the bar one more step higher this year again. Fantastic and very good show.



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