Modern Indian Dance Academy R.G.K Dance & Fitness Studio's 2008 school showcase "Chaabhi Ka Guccha"(Keys for Global PEACE) A musical dance drama


Chaabhi Ka Guccha (Keys for Global Peace), a dance drama, represents peace on earth. Just as the sky, air , water and fire breathe life in our planet, in the same way, five precious keys of love, respect, compassion, honesty and hope helps bring peace on earth. Peace is not permanent. Peace is precious tresure, which requires our continous effort for its safekeeping. Therefore, this Chaabhi Ka Guccha is for every generation and for each one of us.We have a resposibility of using keys wisely. With the key of non-violence, we all have to combat violence. With love and compassion, we have to rid hatred. With respect, we all have to grow. With wisdom, we all have to keep hope alive. This evening, representing planet earth is our stage. Here, people of all age groups are making tireless and honest errorts for their respectful audience in conveying their message through the performing arts of dance and drama in CHABBHI KA GUCCHA. Let's all pray for Peace. This clip is the part of finally of R.G.K Dance & Fitness Studio's production Chabbhi Ka Guccha (Keys for Global peace)

"Chaabhi Ka Guccha"(Keys for Global PEACE) was conceptualized, prodcuced & choreographed by Renu Kumar, scripted by Rajshree Puri directed by Dipankar Mukherjee, master of ceromony Kapila Agarwal, costume designed by Richa Gupta and Renu Kumar, videography from Gery Wick, and Arun Bansal, photography by Mamata Meka Mcdaniel, stage decoration by Ibha Kumari and Dipankar Mukherjee.


Reviews of Modern Indian Dance Academy R.G.K Dance & Fitness Studio's 2008 most recent school showcase "Chaabhi Ka Guccha"(Keys for Global PEACE) A musical dance drama


Congratulations! Another successful show from RGK! I am so proud of you and your leadership! I am grateful and I take pride in working with you. Know that you contribute so much to the students and to the community.

Congratulations on the 5 year Anniversary of the RGK Dance and Fitness Studio and for another successful show. It was very entertaining - a good mix of the old and the new. Looked like the kids had a lot of fun performing on stage especially the young ones. The outfits were as usual well designed and was a treat to the eyes watching such vibrant colors. The choreography of the dances were also excellent.

It was so nice to see your show and you always put your heart and soul in to it. And you have enrolled so many others in your passion and art-

-Very well presented! The script writers did a good job and so did the actors and dancers, of course, all with your leadership. And with all the other responsibilities, you even danced in two dances -- fantastic! The costumes were lovely. -Nuzi

The show was great; we enjoyed the show very much. You were right the Barso Re dance costume was gorgeous, and the dance was also very well choreographed. Other dances were very good too. Some people were asking me how many days it took to prepare the play, and I said besides the script it took probably 5-6 days. They were very surprised. I think people liked the play too. And at the end the finale brought another light of peace to the show.

It was obvious by their smiling faces that the dancers were enjoying themselves. Their costumes were perfuse and beautiful. Great Job!

thank you so much for all your hard work and a wonderful production. From all the feedback we heard, it was a great show!. i just loved it and enjoyed myself thoroughly!

Every year you have a great show, but this year was even better. Me and my friends loved it. I would say this year was the BEST Show. The theame, messeage for peace, dances, costumes, play every thing was superb. Thank you for helping the commnunity with your art.

We enjoyed the show. We appreciate all your efforts and wish you success in future


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