Happy Holidays and Happy New Year 2018!! RGK Modern Indian Dance Academy's Upcoming WINTER OPEN HOUSE, FREE CLASS: Saturday, January 13, 10:30am-12:00pm, Where: Plymouth Location. RSVP by January 10 at 763-227-0740 or bollywooddance.rgk@gmail.com


RGK Dance Academy's Upcoming Winter OPEN HOUSE and Session, & upcoming show:

• Saturday, January 13, 2018, 10:30am-12:00pm, Plymouth location.

•Winter Classes are starting from January 14, 2018 onward Plymouth location.

Registration is OPEN NOW!!

RGK Dance Academy is coming back with 2018 new production to celebrate 15th Anniversary

with a new Bollywood Dance Drama after a very successful recent show "Dancing Bare Feet" for MN Fringe Festival 2017 and for RGK Dance 14th Annual Benefit Show for AshaUSA!!

a humorous saga of a young girl's emotional journey, woven with elements

of nature and the riveting steps of Dancing Bare Feet



When: Aug 5 SATURDAY 8:30PM,

Aug 6 SUNDAY 7:00PM

Aug 8 TUESDAY 5:30PM,

Aug 10 THURSDAY 10:00PM

Aug 13 SUNDAY 7:00PM


Tickets are avilable Now!!

Please click here -Tickets for Dancing Bare Feet show Tickets.

Dancing Bare Feet receiving 5 stars and very good reviews from Audience!!

Only three shows left..Aug. 8, 5:30pm, Aug. 10, 10pm and Aug. 13, 7pm

Dancing Bare Feet Video Trailer!!


RGK Dance Academy support community cause

through annual Benefit productions:

2016 RGK Dance Benefit production,

"All is well" a Bollywood dance drama

To raise funds for the Second Harvest Heartland!

We donated the revenue
$11,000 to Second Harvest Heartland.

RGK Dance supporters you would be glad to know that.

It will take care of 33,000 meal for needy people all over Minnesota.

R.G.K. Modern Indian Dance Academy- Empowering Women and Children of all ages in MN for Fifteen Years!!

It is providing life enrichment to our students through teaching Bollywood/Folk dance and the performing arts.

We give back to society by donating proceeds of our annual academy's showcase productions.

Past beneficiaries include:

The Second Harvest Hartland 2016, Alzheimer's Association of Minnesota, Children's hospital, Vibha, Red Cross, CRY, Unite for Sight, Hindu temple of Minnesota and many more..


R.G.K. Modern Indian Dance Academy is the first professional dance Academy in the Midwestern United States to offer classes in the exhilarating and beautiful Bollywood, Folk, Semi Classical, Contemporary dance styles of India. People of all ages, shapes, sizes, and fitness levels are Welcome—Come prepared to have fun, shake your shoulders, and swing your hips to this contagious fusion style of dance at R.G.K. Modern Indian Dance Academy! 

It is full of imagination, colorful costumes, and full body exercise. You'll find that Bollywood dance is fun and energetic, as well as excellent aerobic exercise.

• Since its founding, over 1400 students have created more than 71 innovative new works both locally and internationally, including academy’s thirteen annual musical charity Bollywood dance dramas here in Minnesota. Recently, Academy got an opportunity to perform in the Minnesota Fringe Festival 2017, 2014. Their both shows, DANCING BARE FEET, and "Best Bollywood Inn" and received a outstanding five stars reviews from the audience!

•RGK Dance Academy support community cause through Annual Benefit productions:
Benefited organizations such as the Second Harvest Heartland, Alzheimer’s Association of Minnesota, American Cancer Society of MN, Children's Hospital (cancer research), Red Cross (MN Tornado relief fund), Vibha (underprivileged children fund), Unite for Sight (free surgery for those in need) CRY America (child rights & you) and Hindu Temple of Minnesota. In addition to these, the academy also helps other nonprofit organizations in raising money through our dances and shows. See rgkdance.org/events.htm for a complete list of these annual shows.

• RGK Dance Academy has brought awareness of Indian culture and Dance in Minnesota via shows, performances, and workshops for different communities, universities, colleges, schools, and companies.

• Among other performances RGK has proudly performed in a Hollywood Movie: "Problem Solving the Republic” and Minnesota Twins, a baseball team at Target center and Mall of America!!

RGK Modern Indian Dance Academy welcome new and experienced dancers. All students get an opportunity to perform in a professional atmosphere at the school's annual musical dance drama and other community events. Students will also be participating, creating, interpreting, and producing an original dance Performance inspired by the culture of old, new India, and the world.

Preserving, promoting Indian heritage and culture, Teaching and Performing Indian Bollywood, Folk, Semi Classical, dance styles, Bollywood dancing is the new craze of dancing that has taken the world by storm. This eclectic dance combines Indian classical music fused with contemporary western dances. Indian dance has also been featured in Hollywood movies such as SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE, VANITY FAIR, and MONSOON WEDDING etc. in America and in other countries.  It's fun and very expressive and there's a lot of deep meaning behind music in the films. You can actually express what the music means, through the graceful movements of the body.


DOOR (open the door to your dreams)- RGK Benefit Bollywood Dance Drama Show, Minnesota - Aired on TV Asia



* Empower students with skills in Indian Semi classical, Bollywood and Folk dances and encourage children/adults to participate in multi cultural dance programs and dance competitions.

* Celebrate RGK - An annual event for students to showcase their talent and all are awarded .

* Raise funds and support charity organizations through dance performances.

*Empower Women and Children by bringing their day today's life, strength, problems, social injustice, on stage.

*Judge Local, Regional dance events.

* Create opportunities for high schoolers & adults to hone their creative skills, to boost their self confidence.

* Offers corporate team building workshops with dance as a core theme

* Encourage and teach students to do an original choreography

* Bring community together through creativity, dance, shows

* Bridge the gap between American and Indian culture


  Vision & Mission  

R.G.K. Modern Indian Dance Academy is preserving and promoting Indian heritage and committed to helping the community through dances, art, theater. RGK Dance's support community cause through its annual fundraising productions for different charities and strives to Empower Women, Childern and bring the community together without any differences.


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